April 29- Showa Day (Showa no hi)

The first national holiday during “Golden Week” falls on 29 April. The date marks the birthday of the Showa Emperor, Hirohito. It is known as showa-no-hi (Showa Day). In Japanese calendar, Emperor’s birthday is a national holiday. During showa period, the birthday of the Emperor Hirohito falls on 29th April. Hirohito had the longest reign in Japan.


In 1989, after the death of the Emperor, the day was no longer celebrated as the Emperor’s birthday. It continued to be a holiday, but under “Greenery Day” name. The day dedicated to the nature and environment. Emperor Hirohito was a nature’s lover and had an inclination towards the field of marine biology. Actually, during his time, his palace has a laboratory designed specifically for sea animals belonging to a class known as Hydrozoans. However, in 2007, a bill was passed that put back Emperor’s Day to April 29. “Greenery Day” moved to May 4, and April 29 took the name Showa Day in memory of the Emperor. After Emperor Hirohito’s death, Showa is the posthumous name given to him.

The main purpose of this holiday is to reflect on the events of the Japan’s Showa period (1926 to 1989). To remind Japan of the hardships they have faced during that time. At this time, Japan commemorates the lost lives during World War II and also acknowledges Japan’s contribution in the recovery during the Showa period.


Japanese celebrate this day by placing flying streamers in the shape of fish and dancing. Japanese also visit Hirohito’s tomb in Hachiōji as a tradition during this day. Japan is quite busy during this period so, hotel accommodation rates spike up, so if one wishes to come to Japan, then it is advice to well plan in advance.

Keep reading as we will be back soon with another holiday of the Golden Week.


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