Armenia used car market

Japanese products are prominent for their eminence and dependability and seek attention of the buyers all over the world. And used vehicles from Japan are no such exception. Almost all countries across the world import used vehicles from Japan and one such nation is Armenia. Large numbers of vehicles in the country are reconditioned vehicles from Japan. With the presence of many online used vehicle portals it has become easy for importers to purchase a used vehicle.


Armenia, a landlocked European nation is another major importer of Japanese used vehicles. Armenians prefer to buy a used motor vehicle as new ones are very expensive. The new car market of Armenia is very small, thus giving ample opportunities to used vehicle exporters to make their fortune. The local used car market of the country is also good.

Every country has its own rules and regulations that must be followed while importing a vehicle in order to clear customs smoothly. It is allowed to import left-hand drive vehicles in the country. Armenians generally go with used vehicles as they get cars with enhanced technology, design, shape at quite reasonable rates.

Popularity of used vehicles in Armenia is rising gradually. In the year 2011, around 159 units of used vehicles were imported, which increased to 421 units in the year 2014. This shows the clear inclination of people towards used vehicles. The Armenia market possesses a lot of potential and Japanese exporters can do much in the country.

Population-2.9975 million
Used vehicles imported statistics for last 5 years:

2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
421 448 303 159 352

Import rules and regulations-
Japan has been known for ages for producing high quality reliable vehicles for decades and their reputation for delivering best vehicles has made Japanese cars popular across the world. Armenia is a landlocked nation that import many used vehicles from Japan within a year. The process of importation of Japanese used vehicles in Armenia is not difficult; however the importer must be aware of all the import regulations to make the process of importation easy and trouble-free.

Left-Hand Drive vehicles:-
The country permits importation of left-hand drive vehicles.

Required Documents:-

  • Purchase Invoice
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Car title
  • Certificate that auto meets technical specifications and is in good running order.
  • Auto must have been used abroad and show signs of use.
  • Pro-forma Invoice
  • Interpol document confirming that the car is not stolen.
  • Import Tax Rate:-
    For customs clearance of a vehicle that runs on petrol, environmental fees, VAT 20% and customs fee 10% is to be paid. Sometimes vehicles are subject to customs duties of 32%. Duty free importation of temporary imported vehicles is allowed. For temporary importation of the vehicle, letter of temporary import is required, granting permission for 1 year. Vehicles that are imported for temporary period are not allowed to sell. In case, importer wishes to sell the vehicle, then necessary duties are to be paid.

    Shipping Information:-
    Major ports- Poti port and Batumi port

    Popular car models:-
    Mercedes- Benz C-class, Nissan X-Trail, Mercedes-Benz E-class, Nissan Skyline, Honda Cr-V, Nissan Teana, BMW 3-Series, Honda Fit, Mitsubishi Pajerio io, Mitsubishi Colt