Burundi used car market

The key to eradicate poverty and attain sustainable development in a country is the growth of the transport section. It is crucial that automobile sector of the country is stable for economic progress of the country. In the center of Africa, lies Burundi. It is bordered by Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and the south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Being an underdeveloped nation, the new market industry of Burundi is very small, thus giving chance to used car dealers to enter in the market.


Japanese vehicles being resistant to harsh conditions are most popular in Burundi. Predominated automobile makers in Burundi are Toyota, Nissan and Suzuki. Toyota Corolla and Toyota Hilux are popular in Burundi. The primary reason for these vehicles popularity is easy availability of spare parts. In Burundi, mainly manual transmission is recommended, as skilled service workers do not have much knowledge for automatic transmission.

The cars industry of Burundi has seen consistent progress in past few years, but still it is not very stable. Therefore, many Japanese used car exporters and dealers export used vehicles to Burundi in order to provide the Burundians with quality, low cost and durable cars. Burundi being a land locked country depends mainly on the ports Dar-es Salaam in Tanzania and Mombasa in Kenya for the import of used cars from Japan. Burundi uses left-hand drive vehicles, but importation of right-hand drive vehicles are also permitted in the country. It only requires a valid driving license in order to drive in Burundi. There are no age restrictions and no mandatory inspection on the import of used cars in Burundi.

Duties and Taxes:-

The duty rates applicable on cars in Burundi are as follows-

  • Diplomat- 1% handling charge
  • Vehicle more than 10 passengers- 15% CIF
  • Tourism vehicle between 40% and 100% CIF
  • Handling- 4% CIF value
  • Transactional tax- 17% of (CIF + duties + handling)

Japan is a major exporter of used vehicle around the world. More and more people across the world prefer to buy used vehicles from Japan. The foremost reason for Japanese used cars popularity is that they are most dependable and reliable cars on the road with high quality. Buying a car is quite expensive, thus Burundians go for used ones as they get a quality vehicle at practical prices. Thousands of used vehicles from Japan are exported to Burundi and numbers are increasing continuously at a high speed. Even though the country is a risky market for automobile dealers, but it still holds extraordinary opportunities.


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