What is Biosecurity Inspection?

bio-security-inspectin Japan is the pioneer of automobile industry. Large numbers of vehicles are produced and exported from Japan every year. Along with new vehicles, used vehicles from Japan are also popular among people across the world. Numbers of containers and fleets arrive every day in many countries, thus bring along the risk of unwanted pests and bugs. To avoid this, vehicles imported from Japan are subjected to Biosecurity (Quarantine) inspection prior to their importation in another country. It is necessary to get the vehicle inspected to ensure that the vehicle imported is free of contamination related to Biosecurity, both internally and externally. See More…


What is Radiation Check?


Japan automobile industry is one of the world’s top auto industries. Around millions of vehicles are produced and exported from Japan every year. Public reputation of Japanese vehicles is so good that whenever Japanese automakers comes out with a new vehicle, they instantly draws crowd. Japanese products are renowned across the world for their quality and reliability. And Japanese used vehicles are no such exceptions.

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Why Inspection is done on used vehicles?

Today, almost every person knows about cars and specifications of different cars. It’s a dream for everybody to buy a car and Japanese auto makers know how to make their dream comes true. Japanese vehicles are known for their reliability and availability at reasonable prices. For some people buying a new car is still not possible, so they choose to buy a used one as it is the only feasible option to own a car. Japanese used cars are ruling the market from quite a long period of time, with millions of cars being exported across the world within a year only.
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What is Intertek Inspection?

Intertek Inspection

Japan is the source of the automobile industry. The popularity of Japanese vehicles is confined not only to Japan, but around the globe. Large number of vehicles are manufactured and exported from Japan every year. Japan is also known for exportation of used vehicles. But, in order to import a used vehicle in a country, it is necessary to match up with the standards of the nation.
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The Pre-Export Appraisal

The Preexport appraisal

Importation of used vehicles is nowadays a common thing. Large numbers of countries across the world import Japanese used vehicles. Presence of many online portals has made importation of used vehicles easy. These portals provide thousands of used car stocks of most reliable and experienced exporters in Japan. Generally, it is quite difficult to know the condition of the vehicle without inspecting it physically. So, in order to help importers, mainly internet buyers, Pre-Export Appraisal is done on vehicles. It is an evaluation done on the vehicle to determine its condition before it is imported to another country.
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What is Stolen vehicle check inspection?

Stolen Vehicle check

Japan is the home of many top vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and many more. People from around the world prefer to buy Japanese manufactured vehicles as they are reliable, cost-effective, high on quality and fuel-efficient. Every year Japan introduces many dynamic and striking vehicle models incorporated with latest technologies. As Japanese are fond of new technologies, thus every year witness the sale of many vehicles. Large numbers of Japanese used vehicles are exported to many countries across the world. Even though these vehicles are used, but they are as good as new ones.
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For quite so long, cars have been considered as luxuries. It’s been a dream of almost every person at one point or another of their life to purchase their own car. But for some, buying a vehicle is beyond their financial limits, thus they go with a used vehicle. Japan is the major exporter of used vehicles. Large numbers of Japanese used vehicles are exported to many countries across the world.
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