Cyprus used car market

Japanese used vehicles are imported to almost all countries across the world. Japanese vehicles are known for being reliable, durable, high on quality and safe to drive features. Cyprus, an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and a member state of European Union also import large numbers of vehicles from Japan.


With the increasing prices of new vehicles, buyers are finding better value in second-hand vehicles that ultimately results in the growth of the used car market. In the year 2013, 3,129 units of used vehicles were imported by Cyprus, which became 5,768 units next year. The slow growth of new market and easy availability of spare parts have contributed towards the continued growth in the used car segment.

This thriving nation of Europe allows the importation of right-hand drive vehicles. Used vehicle imported must comply with the country’s safety regulations. The procedure for importing and registering a used vehicle is not very difficult. Used vehicles in Cyprus can be imported for short period or long period depending upon the requirements of the importer.

The boom in the sale of used vehicles is seriously affecting the sales of new ones. The high prices for buying new vehicles has changed consumers’ behavior and purchasing patterns. There is a drastic shift towards used autos as they offer substantial value to buyers. The country is a gold mine for dealers. The local market of Cyprus is flooded with reasonable used vehicles from Japan.

Import rules and regulations-
Japan is known for being one of the biggest exporters of used cars. Every year, many countries import large numbers of used Japanese vehicles. These vehicles are popular for their quality and reliability. Cyprus, a popular tourist destination across the world import many used vehicles from Japan like other countries. While importing a used vehicle for long term there are certain that are to be followed.

Right-Hand Drive vehicles:-
The country permits importation of only right-hand drive vehicles. However, left-hand drive vehicles may also be imported if the applicant has owned the vehicle for at least 180 days before the vehicle’s arrival in Cyprus and if the applicant has not lived in Cyprus for more than five years before arrival.

Required Documents for long term importation:-

  • Registration certificate (indicating that the vehicle’s first registration was in Japan).
  • Invoice or sales contract, if the vehicle is not registered to the person importing and registering the vehicle.
  • Road Worthiness Certificate from an authorized Private Vehicle Examination Center.
  • Certificate confirming the car’s CO2 emissions, issued by District Vehicle Examination Center of the Road Transport Department (R.T.D.) after submitting the documents stated above by the owner who acquires the vehicle according to the procedure of the Department of Customs paying all appropriate taxes.
  • Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) certificate from SVA Testing Center which requires all paperwork to be correct and the vehicle to be in proper working condition in accordance to the Single Vehicle Approval manual.

Import Tax Rate:-
All motor vehicles, when imported to Cyprus both new and used are subjected to import duties and taxes depending upon their type.

Shipping Information:-
Freight rate-

  • Port- Larnaca
  • 0-14 m3 – US $ 91
    14-20 m3- US $ 106

  • Port- Limassol
  • 0-14 m3 – US $ 91
    14-20 m3- US $ 106
    Major ports- Larnaca and Limassol

    Popular car models:-
    Toyota Voxy, Suzuki Swift, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Land cruiser Prado, Toyota Mark-X, Toyota Probox Van, Toyota Vitz, Nissan Note, Suzuki Every Wagon, Toyota Prius