Import rules and regulations for Japanese used vehicles in Cameroon

Cameroon is a Central African nation on the Gulf of Guinea. With the changing scenario, Cameroon has grown a lot. Due to the increase in population and the discovery of new mineral resources daily, the economy of the country is also growing. The automobile market of the country is huge and is dominated by Japanese vehicles. Majority of the vehicles on the roads of Cameroon have been imported from Japan and most of them are used cars. Japanese cars are best in quality, technology, durability with great mileage. Used cars from Japan are new like at very low price. That is the reason Cameroon imports all types and brands of used vehicles from Japan.


Import of used vehicles from Japan to Cameroon is easy now due to online used car portals that provide thousands of used car stocks of most reliable and experienced exporters in Japan. Used car importers just need a few documentations to be ready to drive in Cameroon. For importing a used vehicle, importer should follow the Cameroon’s import regulations to make the process of importation easy and smooth. The country allows only the importation of left-hand drive vehicles.

Required Documents:-

  • Original Certificate of Title and Registration
  • Original Commercial/Purchase Invoice
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Drivers License
  • Non Sale Certificate – attesting that vehicle is for personal use and will not be sold, dated and signed by client.

Note- Documents should be received by the agent one month before shipment’s arrival in the country.

Duties and Taxes:-
Taxes will depend and vary on the basis of age, power etc. of the vehicle-

  • Engine capacity less than 2000cc- 58% CIF
  • Engine capacity more than 2000 cc- 77% CIF

Shipping Port:-
The most common port for shipping of used vehicles to Cameroon is Douala. Other ports such as Bamenda, Garoua, Bafoussam, Yaounde are also used. There are two methods for shipment of used vehicles in the country. The most common out of two is RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) shipment method. Another safe method for shipping vehicles is container shipment method.


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