Import rules and regulations for Japanese used vehicles in Namibia

Japan has been an important source of export of used cars and other vehicles. Economy of many countries depends hugely on the importation of motor vehicles; Namibia falls in that segment too. Large numbers of Japanese used vehicles are imported into Namibia. Importation of used vehicles in Namibia from Japan is not a difficult process. Generally Japan used cars and other vehicles are shipped to Namibia at competitive prices and quick transit.


Availability of large numbers of online used cars portals has made the process of import of used vehicles easy. These portals provide thousands of used car stocks of most reliable and experienced exporters in Japan. Here are the few guidelines which one should follow while importing a used vehicle from Japan.

According to the new rules, the age limit on imported second-hand vehicles has now been raised to eight years. Earlier the age limit was five years. Namibia allows importation of only right-hand drive vehicles. Importation of left-hand drive vehicles are prohibited into Namibia. The exception is made only for diplomats by Namibian custom authorities.

Documents required:-

  • Import permit
  • Passport
  • Invoice
  • Original Bill of Lading– The BoL should determine the Chassis, brand, model and year of manufacturing of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle registration papers.

The used vehicle importer must complete all the necessary documents and present it to the customs department along with the passport, so that customs can attest the CA304a. The vehicle will be released by Customs only when all documents are available in order, and the engine number agrees with that stated on the bill of entry. After the bill of entry is approved by customs, present it to the motor license department who will issue the license.

Other information related to importation:-

  • Duty free importation of only one motor vehicle per family is allowed if the vehicle is owned and used at least 1 year prior to shipment.
  • VAT is always payable. If a new immigrant, the client must be in possession of a permanent resident’s permit, when stopped for customs examination. It is advisable not ship the auto until the client is in possession of an import permit.
  • A residence permit is required for vehicles importation as vehicles will no longer be allowed into Namibia on a work permit.
  • Temporary residents have to pay a provisional payment covering full duties has to be lodged with Namibian Customs which is refundable when the vehicle leaves Namibia within one year of its importation. The Import Permit is not applicable for temporary residents, if the vehicle is re-exported within one year.
  • A tax of 15% is payable on the value of the vehicle (NAD value + 10%). From the payment of duties and taxes, diplomats are exempted.
  • Imported vehicles may only be sold or disposed in Namibia only after twenty-four months after the date of importation.

Shipping Ports:-
Durban (South Africa) port is used for shipment of vehicles to Namibia. Generally RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-off) shipment method is used for vehicle importation to Namibia. These ships are specially designed to ship wheeled cargo such as cars, vans, or trucks. On request of customers more expensive shipping method of container shipment is arranged.


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