Import rules and regulations on Japanese used vehicles in Iraq

Japan is the main source of automobile industry. Around millions of vehicles are produced and exported from Japan with a year only to many countries across the world. Not only new vehicles, used vehicles from Japan are also exported. The reason that makes Japanese vehicles popular is their reliability, longevity and durability. Japanese vehicles are always high on quality and safe to drive.


Nowadays, due to presence of various online portals, importation of used vehicles is an easy process now. Buying a used car from online portals is not only simple, but also efficient. Iraq, situated in the heart of Middle East also imports large numbers of Japanese used vehicles. However, there are certain rules and regulations that an importer should abide by while importing the vehicle.

Importation of left-hand drive vehicles is allowed in the country. Individuals are not allowed to import a vehicle on a temporary period for personal use, customs clearance must be done on a permanent basis. Permanent as well as temporary importation of vehicles for company use is allowed in the country. Importation of vehicles (non-armored) manufactured before 2010 are not allowed in the country.

Documents required for customs clearance of a vehicle:-

  • Ownership paperwork
  • Certificate of title
  • Pro-forma Invoice
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Bill of Lading
  • In case of vehicle import for a company, approval from Ministry of Interior as well as from regional customs office will be required.

Duties and Taxes:-
While importing a vehicle in Iraq, importer is required to pay duties and taxes. Payment of 8-10% duties and taxes is applicable if no diplomatic protocol is received from consignee’s Embassy. Amount of duties and taxes calculated are based on the declared customs value indicated on the Pro-forma Invoice.

The major shipping ports in Iraq are Port of Basrah, Port of Khor Al Zubair, and Port of Umm Qasr. Generally RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) shipping method is used for vehicle shipment. However on request of customers, more expensive yet safe way container shipment method is used.


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