Kazakhstan used car market

The increasing population of a country increases the demand in the number of people wanting to purchase a vehicle. As a matter of fact, most people choose used vehicle over new ones because not only they get good quality vehicle at reasonable rates, but the depreciation rate of used vehicles is lower than that of new ones. Japan is prominent for manufacturing good quality used cars at practical prices. Japanese cars are best in quality, technology, durability with great mileage. An advantage of buying a used car from Japan is quality assurance.


There are certain regulations on used vehicles imported in the country that should be followed by the importers. The country allows the importation of left-hand drive vehicles that should not be more than five years. Volume of the vehicle engine must not exceed 3 liters.

Import rules and regulations-
With every passing day the popularity of Japanese used vehicles is increasing. Japanese vehicles are famous for their reliability, comfort and durability. While offering used vehicles, Japanese makers give the best combination in price, economy, quality standard and flexibility. Importation of used vehicle in Kazakhstan is not a difficult process, but to import a vehicle without any problem it is important for the importer to abide by all the import rules and regulations.

Left-Hand Drive vehicles:-
The country permits importation of only left-hand drive vehicles.

Vehicles over five years are not allowed to be imported in the country. Volume of the engine must not exceed 3 liters.

Required Documents:-

  • Original Title
  • Original Proof of registration
  • Commercial or Purchase Invoice
  • Bill of Lading

Import Tax Rate:-
Customs duties and Taxes are to be paid on vehicles imported in Kazakhstan. The amount will depend on the technical characteristics of the automobile. In case of diplomatic cars, no duties or taxes are to be paid.

Shipping Information:-
Major ports- Port of Almaty, Port of Atyrau

Popular car models:-
Nissan Wingroad, Toyota Mark X, Mercedes Benz S-class, Toyota Mark II , Toyota Chaser, Audi Q7, Subaru Forester, BMW 5-Series, Mitsubishi Diamante