Poland used car market

Situated at the heart of Central Europe, Poland is a tourist destination. The auto industry of the country is not strong, so generally vehicles are imported in the country. With the increasing population in the country, demand for vehicles is also rising. Along with new vehicles, used vehicles are also gaining popularity in the nation. Used vehicles from Japan are imported in the country in large numbers.


The easy importation of Japanese used vehicles in the country has made the availability of used vehicle to the average citizen as for many purchasing a new vehicle are unaffordable due to high rates. The local market of the island is dominated by Japanese automakers. Subaru is the undisputed market leader in terms of sales and market share in the country.

The import-barriers in the country are low. This gives vast choices to vehicle buyers to import the vehicle of their choice. Importation of left hand drive vehicles is permitted in the country. Used vehicles imported in Poland are subjected to road-worthiness inspection. The vehicle must be registered in the name of the current owner. A shipper may import only one of each type of a vehicle, trailer, or motorcycle.

While walking on the roads of Poland, it is common to see a lot of cars. Used vehicles from Japan have contributed a lot towards traffic congestion in the country. The country offers very pleasant and business like atmosphere to foreign traders.

Import rules and regulations-
Japanese vehicles are known across the world as they are reliable, fuel- efficient and cost effective. Around millions of vehicles are exported from Japan every year. An advantage of buying a used car from Japan is quality assurance. Poland, located in the Central Europe import many used Japanese vehicles from Japan every year. While importing a used vehicle, the importer should follow the necessary import regulations.

Left-Hand Drive vehicles:-
The country permits importation of left-hand drive vehicles.

Used vehicles imported are subjected to road-worthiness inspection before they gets registered in the country.

Vehicle Importers:-
A person, who is in Poland full time or is returning from temporary residence in a third country, must have been out of EU for at least a year continuously. The car must have been used in the place of origin for at least 6 months. The vehicle imported must continue to be used in the same manner. Utility vehicles and company cars are not covered under the exemption.

Required Documents:-

  • Purchase Invoice
  • Proof of insurance
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Original vehicle documents proving ownership
  • Original Registration
  • Import Tax Rate:-
    All duties and taxes are to be paid on the car imported from outside the EU. A certificate of origin is needed in order to receive preferential treatment when Customs assessed duties.

    For tax and duty free importation, returning residents should submit the proof of owning and using the vehicle for at least six months to the Customs Office. Also, a vehicle imported into Poland cannot be sold, lent, rented, or used by another person (either free of charge or charged) for a period of 1 year following importation.

    Shipper need to fill out a notarized Power of Attorney to handle the import when importing a used vehicle into Poland. If this form is not filled, the shipper must be present for Customs clearance.

    Shipping Information:-
    Major ports- Gdynia and Gdansk

    Popular car models:-
    Mercedes Benz SL-class, Mercedes Benz S-class, Subaru Forester, Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon, Mercedes-Benz medium class, Nissan Skyline, BMW Z3, Porsche 911, Mercedes- Benz E-class