Moldova used car market

Located in the southeastern Europe, Moldova is bordered on the west by Romania and on the north, south and east by Ukraine. The automotive market of the country is not efficient and competitive. The increasing vehicle prices are shifting people towards used vehicles as the later is the most practicable way to own a vehicle. To make the vehicle available to almost every section of the country, there is huge demand for used vehicles in Moldova, mainly from Japan.

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Japanese Mini Trucks loved by millions round the world!

Mini Trucks or Kei Trucks as known in Japanese are vehicles under light automobiles category, designed to keep the cost, tax and insurance lower. These Kei trucks were great option for delivery of goods to small business, shop owners and farmers. These Japanese mini trucks are really light, strong, easy maintenance, fuel efficient and very durable. People around the world just love them for their multi utility ability.

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New Zealand used car market


Japan is known for producing high quality reliable vehicles for decades and their reputation for delivering best vehicles has made Japanese cars popular across the world. New Zealand has always been a major importer of Japan used cars. The low mileage, excellent quality, and reasonable prices makes Japanese used vehicles popular across the country. According to the data from the Ministry of Transport, even the used vehicles imported in the year 1990 are still on roads. The average age of New Zealand’s light fleet is 13.2 years.

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Burundi used car market


The key to eradicate poverty and attain sustainable development in a country is the growth of the transport section. It is crucial that automobile sector of the country is stable for economic progress of the country. In the center of Africa, lies Burundi. It is bordered by Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and the south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Being an underdeveloped nation, the new market industry of Burundi is very small, thus giving chance to used car dealers to enter in the market.

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