Cyprus used car market

Japanese used vehicles are imported to almost all countries across the world. Japanese vehicles are known for being reliable, durable, high on quality and safe to drive features. Cyprus, an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and a member state of European Union also import large numbers of vehicles from Japan.

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Solomon Islands used car market

Japan is the world’s leading source of automobiles and is known for ages for delivering high quality vehicles at competitive prices. Importation of used cars from Japan is very frequent because of their reliability and authenticity. Solomon Islands, a nation in the South Pacific Ocean that lies east of Papua New Guinea import used vehicles from Japan. Large numbers of Japanese imported second hand vehicles can be seen on the roads of the Solomon Islands.

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Five questions to ask before buying a car from Japan


Japanese vehicles are popular across the world for their reliability, longevity, quality and safety. With their vehicles, Japanese makers always try to make place in the heart of buyers. Japanese automakers have solid track record of manufacturing vehicles that suits the requirements of buyers. Japanese vehicles have more longevity, tighter tolerance in comparison with other maker vehicles. Along with the new car market, Japanese used car market is also rising at a greater pace. While offering used vehicles, Japanese market gives the best combination in price, economy, quality standard and flexibility. Many of the used cars find their way to other nations, where they are sold at very reasonable rates. Even the presence of many online portal sites helped in the popularity of Japanese used vehicles.

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Burundi used car market


The key to eradicate poverty and attain sustainable development in a country is the growth of the transport section. It is crucial that automobile sector of the country is stable for economic progress of the country. In the center of Africa, lies Burundi. It is bordered by Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and the south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Being an underdeveloped nation, the new market industry of Burundi is very small, thus giving chance to used car dealers to enter in the market.

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Africa used car market


Japan is the biggest exporter of used vehicles in the world. Many countries across the world import Japanese used vehicles and Africa is among one of the leading importer of Japanese vehicles. Almost all types of used vehicles, even machinery and parts are imported by Africa. Economy of many African countries depends hugely on the importation of motor vehicles. There are a number of experienced and trustworthy exporters in Japan that provide quality used vehicles to Africa. It is just because of their flawless quality that Japanese vehicles are popular across the continent. Also the cost of importation of used vehicles are very low, hence they are easily affordable.
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History of Japanese Automobile Industry

Japanese automobile industry is one of the well-known and largest industries in the world. Japanese automakers always focus on product enhancement, technological innovation, and safety improvement. By manufacturing vehicles that are reliable, safe and tough, Japanese makers are ruling the hearts of millions. From modest origins, today the Japanese auto industry has grown into one of the most respected and popular manufacturing industries in the world. The increase in demand for Japanese vehicles has increased the competition among vehicle manufacturers. To know about the success of Japan automobile industry, let’s learn from where they have started their journey.
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