Poland used car market

Situated at the heart of Central Europe, Poland is a tourist destination. The auto industry of the country is not strong, so generally vehicles are imported in the country. With the increasing population in the country, demand for vehicles is also rising. Along with new vehicles, used vehicles are also gaining popularity in the nation. Used vehicles from Japan are imported in the country in large numbers.

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Ireland used car market

Time and again with their models, Japanese auto manufacturers have proved that they are better than other makers. The main focus of Japanese automakers is always towards customer’s satisfaction. Not only new vehicles, even used automobile sector of the country is famous among masses across the world. People are willing to buy a used vehicle as even though the vehicle is used, but still its overall condition is excellent and they are available at practical prices. These vehicles are popular for less engine trouble and their superb quality. The used car market of Japan has always been bigger and is growing at a much faster pace. Almost all countries across the world import used vehicles from Japan.

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Japanese Automobile Industry


Japan, notably known as “the land of Rising Sun” is famous for its values of perfection and creativity. Imagination and enthusiasm for work is truly expressed by Japanese products, be it electronic or cars. Japanese automobile industry started its journey with the launch of new small cars. These small cars featured very small engines (from 360cc to 600cc) which kept taxes very low as compared to large cars. A huge demand for cars in the country brought a boom in the Japan’s automobile market. Increasing domestic demand for vehicles and growth of Japanese car companies into foreign markets in ‘70s accelerated the growth of the automobile sector. At present, the Japanese automobile industry is one of the largest and prominent automobile industries in the world.

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Burundi used car market


The key to eradicate poverty and attain sustainable development in a country is the growth of the transport section. It is crucial that automobile sector of the country is stable for economic progress of the country. In the center of Africa, lies Burundi. It is bordered by Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and the south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Being an underdeveloped nation, the new market industry of Burundi is very small, thus giving chance to used car dealers to enter in the market.

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