What is Roadworthiness Inspection?

While importing a used vehicle, the main concern is to check whether or not the vehicle imported matches up with the safety standards of the country. To check the performance, tools of the vehicle, roadworthiness inspection is carried out. The certificate is given to vehicles, which passes certain predefined tests for roadworthiness. Roadworthiness is basically a term use to define a vehicle that meets the standard requirements for safe and sound driving on roads. The test also determines that vehicles have not been illegally modified.

What is Roadworthiness Inspection

Roadworthiness inspection not only determines whether or not the vehicle is working properly, but is also important for environmental reasons and to ensure fair competition in the transport sector. It is important to inspect the vehicle as fully maintained and safe vehicle is less likely to involve in a road accident. If any illegal modifications on vehicles are done, then it is not allowed to be imported or even allowed on the road.

During roadworthiness inspection, vehicles are checked for any mechanical and structural defects and any quality of repair. Inspection on vehicles is done by professionals, working in highly reputed organizations. There are many organizations such as Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC), Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI), Intertek, Quality Inspection Services Japan (QISJ) and others that provide inspection on used vehicles before they are exported to different countries. On the basis of the quality of inspection and the level of accuracy these organizations performs on used vehicles, these are appointed by several countries to carry out roadworthiness inspections prior to their shipment. For example QISJ has been approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) for pre-shipment inspections on all vehicles shipped to Kenya.

To minimize the risk of unsafe and hazardous vehicles entering in the country, in some countries like Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania it is necessary to carry out roadworthiness inspection prior to the shipment of the vehicle. The inspection on vehicles is done in accordance with the regulations of the country, where the vehicle is to be exported. But some of the common factors include age limitations, driving side, mechanical and technical inspection on the vehicle.

When a vehicle passes minimum safety standards, a certificate of roadworthiness is issued. Without inspection it is difficult to know completely whether the used vehicle is in proper condition and have all requirements from the safety perspective. Thus, getting the vehicle inspected before importation is beneficial as the inspection gives a sense of satisfaction to used vehicle importers that the vehicle imported is safe to drive.


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